Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Motivation Learning Life Of Ants

Motivation Learning Life Of Ants- Learning can be anywhere, anytime, from media sources and learn. Learning is not only done through formal and informal education, but nature was already providing a source that can be an inspiration in life learning. One that could be "teachers" in learning is an animal ant. Although it's physically small ants, but there are some lessons we can take away from the ants.

1. Never Give Up.
Ever tried to block the path of an ant? What happened? The ants were definitely trying to find another way. We again another road block that will be achieved, and she continued to seek other avenues to continue the journey. We kept blocking the way, and certainly he is also constantly looking the other way even he would climb, despite the risks losing his life. One of the lessons we can take from this is that an ant is never give up against any obstacles that inhibit or hinder the goal.

2. Team Work.
If you want to learn to work together, we must learn to ants. If an ant finds food that is large enough, then he will invite his colleagues to work together to carry the food to their warehouse. They will swarm the food from all directions and trying to bring it together. If the food is too big and heavy to carried together, then they will tear the food into small pieces and bring the little ones to shed their nests. There's nothing to brag because they find the food. Is not there also prides itself because it can carry larger pieces. Even if the journey there is a large gap and in the menghalani course, it turns out what happens is there are some ants sacrifice themselves in a way to glue themselves to the bridge in order to smooth job living counterparts other ants. Their goal is only one, the big jobs such cooperation.

3. Prepare stock
During the dry season, they gather in the warehouse logistics inventory built their nests inside, enough for thousands of ants their family members. This is in preparation for anticipated during the rainy season which causes the ants difficult to find food outside the nest. During the rainy season, ant colonies are also still looking for food even fight harder against the rain. In the world of ants going clear division of tasks and the firm, who does what and bertanggun responsible for what. Queen of duty spawn, there are ants in charge of caring for the eggs, the male fertilizes the queen in charge and after completing the task, usually instantly die. Duty worker ants looking for food for the needs of all, there are also ants that receive food supplies brought by the worker ants before and store it in some sort of storage shed, I think they are in charge of maintaining food supplies. Ants are doing what the job, no one feels tired, bored, let alone protest.

4. Jago kissed opportunities.
Them know the saying "There's sugar There Ants". In concrete terms, for experiments that put a little sugar on the floor there was an ant in a radius of 100 meters, leave about half an hour, then went back to see the sugar, about what's going on? There must even take sugar ants surround them. Remember! ngak had no ants at all now suddenly there were ants.
Of some of the above illustration, we can take the lessons of life. An ant just never stops, despair, frustration, fear and strive to always try to keep up on the goal. While we humans, are creatures said to be best equipped minds even like the opposite, in fact there are many who commit suicide because of frustration. We have to be better than being a small but productive ants. Never again frustrated, still keep trying in various ways and methods are best. Definite and sure we will arrive at our destination is success

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