Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dad And Son In Pool Side

Dad And Son In Pool Side - An elderly man who he was already stepping 85 years sitting by the pool accompanied by his son, whose age was 42 years. He was very proud of his son's success. Though he knew that his son had never had much time for him now. Break the silence, the father asked his son ...
"Son, the fish is it? The color is beautiful, "said the father
"Koi fish, dad. I brought it from Japan, "replied the boy.
And they fell silent again. A few minutes later his father asked.
"Son, the fish is it? The color is beautiful, "
"I told you earlier. This koi fish, I brought it from Japan, yesterday, "she replied curtly.
His father nodded and admire the fish running in the pool.Dad And Son In Pool Side
Dad And Son In Pool Side [bibaleze]
A few minutes later, he asked again.
"Son, the fish is it? The color is beautiful, "
Furious, the child stay focused on the iPad is held in his hand. Without looking at her father retorted, "it's called koi, yeah. Koi fish! "
His father smiled as he continued to admire these beautiful fish.
And for the umpteenth time the father asked his son.
"Son, the fish is it? The color is beautiful, "
The child immediately put the iPad in his hands. "Daddy, why does the father asked the same question over and over again? Did not I say this is the koi fish. Why did not understand as well? "
His father was silent. With very slow movement he took the wallet in his pocket. Issued a photograph of his youth. When he went fishing with his son at a home near the lake.
"Do you remember going to photograph this kid? At that time you were a kid. Sense of curiosity is very large. Every time my father got a fish, you would ask the father 'of fish is it, father?' And fathers will answer it with patience. Not only once that question out of the mouth of your little. You will repeat a question as much as 25 times if you really want to know. And father patiently answered anyway. But why now a new dad just asked 4 times, you're angry? "She said with tears in his eyes.Lessons from the Story of Father and Son
This incident may have been perceived by us as well. When the condition of the parents has begun to ripen. Questions or stories that have been spoken to continuously spoken. He may not remember, or are only too eager to discuss a topic. And for that, we who had also been asked over and over at the time was a child, should be as patient. Answering all the same questions with sincere hearts. Listening to the same story continued tub had never heard before. At least the old man happy is simple, listen with sincerity.

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